January Favorites

Happy Wednesday Babes! I took a couple days off on the blog and sometimes a little break is just what you need!

I say this more and more it seems like but I can’t believe how fast time is flying. Nick and I have been in Florida now for 4 months! That’s just insane to me!

With another month gone comes another monthly favorites and I think this month was full of them!

Meditation: I had never done meditation before and am definitely still new to it but have been loving this app Headspace. It helps me relax at the end of the night and really sooth my thoughts. I’m not really sure what I thought meditation was but I was surprised. I just didn’t think it would “work” for me.

 photo 6536E2A8-A531-4DFA-BEF2-98EDCF82B8F5_zpsjjnllszs.jpg

Tripod: I got one for Christmas and my most favorite part about it is the controller it comes with! So easy and changed my whole picture taking game!

 photo 5F3622C3-E143-41C2-A053-1819CDD891B9_zpswnrw2hnt.jpg
 photo F25542A2-CC16-4532-A4C1-0BCB2EF46258_zps6cmwsxs7.jpg

Salad: It’s been doing my body good and I’ve really been trying to pack them full of amazing ingredients and change them up so I actually want them!

 photo BA5F1175-DC42-4265-B711-C499A9BC8328_zps1oadfhop.jpg

Facemasks: If you’re looking for a new amazing and affordable face mask then make sure to check this post out to see my current obsession!

 photo 6E94A413-5D4F-4482-8F0B-0DEC5458523B_zpshhjciyit.jpg

Disney’s Magic Kingdoms: All I’m gonna say is I know we’ve all gotten addicted to some phone games. And this one has me addicted. I can’t say I’m proud of it but I also think you all need to play and get obsessed as well.

 photo EA3D4BCD-BE4E-4DDE-AEFA-41EAFB68C0D3_zpsfdrplpzk.jpg

Crockpot liners: Not only have I been loving crockpot meals lately but crockpot liners are a creation from the gods! The worst part of crockpot dinners is soaking and cleaning the huge pot. I mean seriously who doesn’t love no clean up!! You just let it cool and then toss!

 photo A96B899F-2968-41EA-B124-546177692CB2_zpsrarpix1w.jpg
 photo 1B3B7EAD-DC0C-4823-BA5F-D5A9063EDC9F_zps4twnp51q.jpg

What were some of your favorites in Janua



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