Valentines Day: Meme Style 

Happy Friday!! First of all, now you all know my secret! Tonight I will definitely be having homemade pizza and my baked wings! If you missed that post make sure to check it out! We can have wings together!

In other news, Valentine’s Day is around the corner! Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that I completely loved as a kid because I loved filling out all my valentines and making little mailboxes in school to then deliver to all my classmates. And you best believe my crush got the deluxe valentine!

 photo 712A7D78-11E0-430C-BFF6-980B392E6766_zpskgz3sbhn.jpg

Then as I got older it got cool to not like Valentine’s Day and that’s just not as fun! Like we found out in my Super Bowl post: I love celebrating anything!

 I was thinking of posts I wanted to do this year and after everything kept seeing these amazing memes and well that’s what you have here.

Sometimes we all need a good laugh and I hope this gives that to you!

 photo D8DAC2A9-2139-40BA-9012-FA706F85CCCA_zpsfnncejjx.jpg photo 98B0D855-E6CC-41A0-8717-9D88C065B71F_zpshb32ivqs.jpg photo C8243D82-351D-4258-9E6C-E6EDD1FC1F11_zpsfsn2sfot.jpg photo B07400AB-97A0-48AA-AE02-F2F2B5C2BAB8_zps61d1ntse.jpg photo F11610BC-3455-4408-9300-F222A48C3797_zps6akwemhh.jpg photo 36F1C2F4-1F4B-418F-941E-87BEBB8295DE_zpsjiuquezx.jpg

I also couldn’t help but add this drink in the mix from Lark & Linen.  YUM. I will most definitely be having this to celebrate V-Day!

 photo C9468856-9E6F-4375-BFD4-188CFC42CC68_zpsqeuarirf.jpg

What do you guys think of Valentine’s Day? Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



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