Weekend Snaps: Date Night 

Happy Monday! Weekends go by way too fast and this one was no exception!

We spent the weekend having a little Valentine’s date and getting some runs in! (Cruise prep!)

We went to Disney Springs Saturday night and had some drinks at Dockside Margaritas and then went to the movies! After the movies we grabbed some dinner at the food trucks and nights like that are my favorite!

Here’s some snaps from my weekend:)  photo B70870C2-3215-4213-B360-C700964ED909_zpsen1ksabw.jpg photo 8B304311-DE9C-4A30-9E2B-5E4BECA414B5_zps5lddrqzh.jpg photo EA802B0B-541F-40A2-83EB-627D58987A3A_zps0zmimvzg.jpg photo 3A4D363B-CA7F-40F0-92E9-2B53DC4CE557_zpsosgrzy5s.jpg photo 0418EA38-E0FF-41B6-8BBE-095E66D68A8F_zpsexzsijmy.jpg photo 00B22C8A-8134-45BE-A87E-758E8394148C_zpsvnkgdv8j.jpg photo 63A813A2-478D-45F8-9962-B1518CD5DE04_zpsrj5itczl.jpg

What did you guys do this weekend?



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