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The Quest For The Best Hair Care 

Happy Friday Babes!

Lately I’ve been trying out new shampoo and conditioner combos to find what really works best with my hair. Not only do I have pretty thin hair, but since I have color, it gets damaged so easily! Especially since moving, I’ve been trying to figure out what works best with it to give it a healthy feel while not having it be weighed down!

Influenster recently sent me some products from L’Oréal and I was so excited because this specific trio specifically helps with damage and color-treated hair.

 photo F6D3CC88-4862-44F3-94CA-802B256D72DB_zpstepdelm3.jpg

To be honest I thought the real winner of all this was going to be the repair mask and don’t get me wrong: it’s wonderful, but this shampoo… amazing!

I actually usually don’t notice any difference with shampoos but this one was just wonderful. Lately, I’ve been uppingmy workouts and lets get real, after working out and then skipping a hair wash and some dry shampoo later your hair can just feel gross.

This is the most clarifying shampoo without being stripping. It also handles a ton of my nots. Usually after I shampoo I depend on the conditioner to get out all the knots but with this shampoo I can use less conditioner and my hair feels refreshed.

Now for the conditioners: they are great! I can tell the color repair mask has been keeping my color great while hydrating my hair, and the anti-damage conditioner leaves my hair soft and my ends have felt much less brittle!

 photo 8DCDA8EF-A9A1-4F59-9AF3-0AECCCF677EF_zps0djuqjxm.jpg

The only downsides I want to mention (and this first one is totally preference) but I love deep conditioners that are in a pump or squeeze tube. I don’t love having ones in a container that you need to scoop out of. Not a deal breaker, but it’s still something that adds to me not wanting to use it as often.

The second is the conditioner has a slight rose scent. Some love it but I’m one that doesn’t really enjoy that scent. I will say though that once it’s in your hair you can’t smell it!

 photo 34EE931B-BD43-4C6A-8830-98C5B197E5DA_zps4flqfq9g.jpg photo FF8F1E5E-C108-43AF-8300-DB1AC75C32E3_zpsd7dxqrji.jpg

Overall this whole set is amazing! If nothing else, the shampoo is a must and I will definitely be purchasing more!

I would love to hear what hair products you all are loving! I also would like to know what some of your favorite hair sprays are! I’m in the market for a new one and just can’t decide!

I hope you all have a great weekend!


I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes but all opinions are my own. 


4 thoughts on “The Quest For The Best Hair Care 

  1. I’m using a hair conditioning mask from L’Oréal right now – it’s in a white tub – and I like it a lot but as you mentioned, it’s so much easier to use if it was in a squeeze tube!


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