Fun Cruise/ Vacay Must Haves

Happy Wednesday ladies and gentlemen! Anyone else having a week that’s just not going great? I have no real particular reason for hating this week but it just seems to be kicking me in the butt.

Since I would like to forget this week, I thought it would be fun to talk VACATION! Who doesn’t love vacation?? Also, who doesn’t love getting new fun things for said vacation?!? And that’s where I come in…

I pulled together a couple fun things I will definitely be bringing on our upcoming cruise that I’m so excited for!

1. Fun Tees- How cute are these?!? Some cute tees to wear around the pool or around the boat is a must!

 photo EC2A3323-5BF7-45B6-800C-3321640654B6_zpswssenvv8.jpegCapriece Marie Designs

 photo 9E3C56A8-64C0-4ADF-ADB1-96BF30546ED7_zpss9kldgy1.jpegShopatBash 

 photo 8BFE8853-D8A1-4949-A446-A406C9D54BF6_zps9tjr5lvk.jpegTealTomorrow

2. Floaties- I’ve been digging pool floaties for a while now and will definitely be bringing them to the cruise! Even lounging in the cabana will be more fun with one of these cuties holding my drink!

 photo DD6B68AD-B19F-481C-9DF2-B03DC1FA791F_zpslubcqwbu.jpegShayButterMonograms

3. Books- I am still reading the Harry Potter books so I will definitely be bringing one of those! But this is where I need you guys! I need suggestions!! Any and all books you are loving!

 photo 8E8BBD23-334B-498C-B52C-2CF15E42CE97_zpswon4ffrc.jpg

4. Bathing suits- I’ve shared this suit before but I can’t wait to grab some new cute suits for this trip; especially this one. 😍

 photo 3907CA56-E35F-494F-ABB3-E4336EF453F7_zpsvkggyhs2.jpg

5. Pool bag- This is an item I just realized I need for this trip! These will be perfect for the days on the boat when we are laying by the pool and needing to bring all the essentials with us! Especially when you have to grab some breakfast and a mimosa too before heading to the cabana! All hands must be free! 

 photo 3A2712A1-080B-432B-8166-BD3EA33B50A7_zps8eahvfbz.jpegBigSisLilSisShop

 photo EC4FC548-328A-4B2F-9072-C89FC330FC6F_zpssbcxh3vg.jpegAlphabetBags

What are some fun things you like to bring on vacation? I still have time to add more fun things to my list! 😉



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