Fitness Friday: Making Goals And Sticking To It 

Happy Friday Babes! I don’t know about you guys: but I was ready for this Friday! My week has been funky and I’m just ready for this weekend and whatever it brings!

I used to do Fitness Friday every week on here and then decided I wanted to give it a break. Since then it’s made an appearance here and there, but today I’m so excited to be writing about all things fitness again!

As some of you may know, two years ago Nick and I decided to really focus on ourselves and our health overall. We both dropped significant lb’s but more than that, felt fit and happy!

The happiness factor is definitely something I will be going deeper into in future Fitness Friday’s; but today wanted to focus on what I’ve been doing recently.

About six months ago when we moved I put Fitness on the back burner. I still ate well most of the time and worked out about 1- 2 times a week but wasn’t pushing myself and I could see the effects of that.  Not only on the scale but in my mood.

I got my butt in gear finally and  feeling amazing. I wanted to share a couple things I’ve been doing lately to help myself feel the best and keep me motivated.

 photo 456EABB8-EEEB-41CF-ADA6-BA12B0F2706A_zpsvjtfmkse.jpg

1.Eating all the greens! Salads on salads on salads and veggies on veggies! I’m packing them in every meal and my body is loving it! I’ve learned to really love kale and below is my favorite dinner recently! Chicken salad wraps! So easy! I use low carb tortillas and pack it full of chicken, veggies, and kale/spinach. I top it with sriracha, a little light ranch and (this is weird maybe) but mustard! YUM! 

 photo C6B99758-73E6-4853-A12C-D8D43941467B_zpsb1gt2yke.jpg

 photo 00E2FFB9-AC47-4A73-A350-C613C3DF855C_zpsbc8o2gjc.jpg

I’ve also been trying to stay healthy and smart on the weekends! Some yummy sushi after our workout felt great for a treat! And these sparkling waters have been my obsession!

 photo 2A9AC7C4-57F1-4CFD-9575-2F95FBC6EE32_zpso1cezzzg.jpg

2. Do the workouts you love, but push yourself! Sometimes it’s easy to say “oh I’ll just do the elliptical cause I love it” but then go slow and not really push yourself. Or like me: I would do a workout video but only a really short one and then be done even though I had more time.

 photo 8451528C-F6EE-49D2-A5FA-E71EC8FEFF0A_zpsagd5gbva.jpg

I’ve been pushing myself and made a goal to be able to run 7 miles by the time we go on our cruise! I love running outside and just got new shoes so nothing can stop me! Last weekend was 4.65 miles and this weekend I will push for even more!

 photo A36A482A-556B-4545-BEF9-7B7DED0551A1_zpsfzsu59xp.jpg

Lastly, sometimes you just gotta mix it up, and when I don’t want to run or do one of my Tone It Up videos I hop on the treadmill to do some incline work. I just recently did this one for the first time and OMG BURN!  Burns so good!

 photo 66437658-3EE3-4ECD-9190-0B5626A75A23_zpslziqb34m.jpg

3. Get rid of excuses. Even this week I had times where I told myself I could skip my workout that day because I was sore or got home a little later then I would like. I pushed through those and continued to workout and get my body moving every day!

4. Watch the drinking. Now this might not be a thing for everyone but I love coming home and have a beer or champagne or wine or something like that after work. Not a ton but still: one a night adds up! Especially when you wanna have a little fun on the weekends!

I’ve cut out all drinks during the week unless we are going out somewhere. For me that’s a good rule because we rarely go out during the week. Obviously like everything these rules bend. (I totally celebrated #nationalmargaritaday on Tuesday with one at home but it feels more like a treat when I’m not doing it all the time!

I would love to hear from you guys on all things Fitness! Whether you are trying to get into a routine, or if you already have one you love and want to share what works for you!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



2 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: Making Goals And Sticking To It 

  1. I miss greens & salad! Got to go on a bland and rather unhealthy diet for a few weeks post-up so I’m envious of the tasty food & exercise. Great post though, very encouraging, and I love that tie-dye tee! x


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