My Face-palm Moments 

Happy Hump Day!!! Today I wanted to share some of my face-palm moments! Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself and embrace the dumb.


 photo A00F6494-CE2A-4369-AFEF-46E4E77BD40D_zpska7jh8ap.jpg

-Every Tuesday my best friend and I watch The Bachelor. Yesterday when we were watching it took me a good 10 minutes to realize I was watching the completely wrong episode and that’s why we weren’t matching up. (We watch over FaceTime). I just kept thinking it was recaps from episodes before.

-When we lived in California Nick would always tell me to not be so paranoid about our front door. I would get home and immediately lock the door. He would say I was safe and that wasn’t necessary. So to try and be brave I started leaving it unlocked and going about my day! Until one day I told him it really did make me feel unsafe leaving it open when showering to which he said “WHY WOULD YOU EVER LEAVE IT UNLOCKED WHEN SHOWERING” whoops…  I was just trying to be brave!

 photo E6B2AE23-7387-4B0C-B685-72A169B08132_zpsw6dqonth.jpg

-This is one I think a lot of people have done. Sometimes when talking to someone random on the phone like a customer or sales person I accidentally say “Okay bye! love you!” Awkward… I didn’t mean that! It’s just a habit!! 

What are some of your face palm moments?



7 thoughts on “My Face-palm Moments 

  1. Hah, this made me chuckle! My face palm moment for today was sending a friend some photos; I got a bunch of cute and funny dog memes and pics together in an email, titled it “Doggie do dos!” to cheer her up as she’s not well, and started typing her name. Autofill decides to put in my ex colleague’s work email and I select that and send…D’oh! Serves me right for always trying to do things quickly on the computer.


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