Fitness Friday: Non-Scale Benefits

Happy Friday!! This week was a busy one, and this whole month is about to be insane. This is our last weekend to get things done here and there, before we go out of town, have our first visitors, and go on our cruise!

On the docket: need to wash the car, workout, lay at the pool(this is the best thing on the to-do list) and CLEAN!!! Also: shop, make my packing list, and do all the adult things.

 photo 102FA5E8-4C2F-40D0-B249-EEC514DFF1F2_zpsral33gxk.jpg
 photo 25E5FAAE-7005-43C4-A138-3C1A46CD9114_zps26irowbg.jpg

Ive been getting back into Fitness Friday’s and this week I wanted to focus on all the wonderful non-scale benefits! These are a few of the benefits I’ve seen and keep me going even if the scale isn’t telling me what I want it to.

1. Better and brighter skin– My skin not only feels better when I have a clean diet but is brighter and healthier! Not saying I don’t get the occasional annoying breakout but it definitely helps make my skin not look so dull.

2. Much better attitude- This is such a big one for me. Not only does working out clear my mind, but when I’m doing something good for myself I can’t help but feel good in all areas. I’m much less snappy and much more patient when I’m feeling good.

 photo 0AFD2534-3170-41D4-887F-4D277930E719_zpsdx2yqclp.jpg
 photo C9E8BDB9-2F0B-486E-8B75-186C13C9EB75_zpsghwmeplr.jpg

3. More energy!…Eventually.- For me it always takes some time for that energy to kick in! When I first start really working out I feel exhausted constantly. My body just isn’t used to it! But when I really get a good routine down I have so much energy and getting up in the morning is so much easier!

4. Being comfortable in your own skin & clothes- This one’s my favorite. Whether I’ve been working out for one week or one year, or lost two pounds or twenty the simple fact of me taking care of my body makes me feel confident. I get a pep in my step and just feel good. That’s what it’s all about! Everyone has different body types and different goals but the simple fact is we all just want to take care of our bodies and be healthy. 

 photo DB97BA41-190D-436D-9B6E-34118E3E131F_zpsemljvzhm.jpg

What are some of your favorite non-scale benefits?



4 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: Non-Scale Benefits

  1. I’m on my second week of Whole30, and I, too, have more energy, people say my skin is brighter,. I also feel calmer and a skin inflammation I had is disappearing. I truly feel better than I have in years.

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