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Cruise Hacks 

Happy Monday Lovebugs!

This month has so many exciting things coming and one of those is our long awaited cruise! I could go on and on about why a cruise is such a wonderful vacation but that’s not what today is about!

Today I wanted to share some of my most favorite cruise hacks that we’ve come up with over the last couple years!

 photo 78A3572E-C49C-4F8E-A403-607E3C41F610_zpshra1rhkl.jpg
 photo 42274083-2C72-40C3-A19B-88E2B219D791_zpsyvkj2uot.jpg

1. Instead of ordering a mimosa in the morning, order a glass of champagne and then get yourself a glass of OJ with breakfast and mix your own! It’s cheaper (OJ is free!) and you can make it how you like it and get your money’s worth!

2. Go nuts with the room service! It’s free (unheard of) and we’ve made it a theme to have a 4th meal once we’re back in the room for the night.

3. To go along with the room service, order cups of ice water to the room! They always leave water bottles in the room but you will be charged for those. Every night we get a couple glasses each and always stay hydrated!

4. Now to go along with the water situation: make sure to bring a reusable water bottle! They have places to fill up water all over the boat and that’s so nice to be able to fill up and have around with you!

5. Look out for fun events around the boat. Nick’s mom and I always go to the art show because we can walk around and see some beautiful art but they also serve free champagne. I mean come on. I’m not missing that.

6. Get up early!! The cabanas are LIFE! But they get snatched up quick! We always snag some and then even take shifts if some of us are going to workout or get food and the others stay and use the cabanas. Also, naps are always amazing in a cabana so no worries if you have a late night!

 photo 21211AF9-74AF-4E3A-B15E-8F37C2DB3CE5_zpsm91d85cr.jpg

If any of you have been on a cruise and have some hacks of your own I would love to hear! I hope these help anyone that may be going on a cruise in the future:)



10 thoughts on “Cruise Hacks 

  1. My family loves cruising too. I always recommend having a go to spot for if you separate your group for activities (though some families up their game and use walkies). Also, wear sunscreen because the sun has a tendency to move while you nap!

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    1. Yes that is super helpful! I’ve seen the walkies around!! 😂 I bet that would actually be super helpful if you had kids too! Oh yes! Lots of sunscreen will be worn! Thanks for reading!!:)


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