February Favorites

Happy Wednesday! I’m a little late to the game but I just couldn’t miss talking about my February favorites! These are things I’ve been obsessed with all month long!

Also, it’s only the 8th of March and I already have such a long list of favorites. I already can’t wait to share that!

Now let’s get to it!


 photo 0AFD2534-3170-41D4-887F-4D277930E719_zpsdx2yqclp.jpgIn the past couple weeks I’ve gotten back into running and really seem to love it more then ever. It’s my choice workout because let’s be real: it’s hard and shows results. It also gets shit done in what can be a short amount of time. Last weekend I ran my first 10k and then proceeded to talk Nicks ear off about how excited I was. I definitely had a “omg you’re doing it” moment while running. For me a 10k is a lot of miles so I was pumped!

Nike Running Shoes-

 photo A36A482A-556B-4545-BEF9-7B7DED0551A1_zpsfzsu59xp.jpgSpeaking of running: my new shoes are AMAZING! I had not gotten new shoes in so long and these have changed my running game. I used to get crazy calf pain but now that’s completely gone. Even though it seems obvious, I never realized what a big change the perfect shoe can make. If your looking for a great running shoe that’s light and bouncy definitely go and try the Nike Free 5.0. I’m obsessed!

Welly Merck Watches-

 photo A6B2B3C4-AAAA-4A66-8CBA-1CAE5EF97449_zpslah1bzex.jpgThe people at Welly Merck were gracious enough to reach out to me and send me one of their beautiful watches. I got the Classic Zurich RWB. To say I’m obsessed would be an understatement. It goes with everything and I can’t wait to put out a post very soon showing it off even more!

Elf Illuminating Eye Cream–  

 photo 0179AE47-EFA8-49AD-8524-6B39EF0F7627_zpse8pi1apl.jpgIn my last skin care post I mentioned that I wanted to start using eye creams and I finally picked this one up from Elf! It’s light, and anything that says “brightening” I’m game! Also, a little goes a long way.

Polar Seltzer Water:

 photo 8DABC15B-C191-4D3D-BC8F-499B37E45DB2_zps3qyfdbjo.jpgThis stuff is just plain addicting. I’m someone who really doesn’t drink soda but loves some bubbles. This is great for any time of day and I love that I stay hydrated while feeling like it’s a treat. It’s also very affordable. I can always find buy one, get one at the grocery store!

Aivoye Cleaning Peel Mask

 photo 29BFB959-CE10-4C84-A635-06D328D59B55_zpsdeiahfee.jpgThese kinds of masks have been everywhere and I just had to jump on that wagon! This has been so amazing for my skin and even Nick joins along for the fun! This one is from amazon and is affordable and seems to work great! My skin is so soft after! Also, I only use this on my forehead, nose, and chin! Using it on my whole face would just hurt too bad! I’m not brave enough for that!

What are some things you loved last month??



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