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Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Happy Wednesday Babes! I ended up taking an impromptu week off and am so happy to be back! It’s been a little bit crazy over here but we’ve been doing lots of fun stuff and I can’t wait to share!

The past two weekends we took a mini roadtrip to see my family that’s visiting in Clearwater, FL. This was my first time in Clearwater and I have to say it’s absolutely beautiful!

I have tons to share from our trip but first wanted to share what we did last Saturday: our first spring training game!

 photo 1F551BD2-F48C-4AD1-BDB7-5EC6C0133462_zps1hqxcol7.jpg

 photo 3B4C2644-1599-4637-AD1F-CA7748B579A9_zpstqqbk9fx.jpg

The Phillies have their spring training here in Clearwater and since my family are huge fans we decided to join them for a game! Nick and I aren’t huge sports fans (i.e. Not really at all) but had a blast!

We were in the picnic area and let me tell you: it’s the only way to go! The tickets are $50 but you get $3 beers, free food, free water bottles, and after 2:00, free beer with beer tickets that you get with your admission!

I mean HELLO; That’s a win.

When we first arrived we started the day with a rum bucket before the beer started flowing and it was just the best thing ever. It was a beautiful day in the sun, with family, seeing a fun game and you just can’t beat that!

 photo 5F1BAC11-3A98-44A3-8178-A70A700D34EB_zpsr2nn37gv.jpg
 photo 02D36464-162D-446A-8BA6-FA1135934786_zpsjuf8rhom.jpg
 photo D2FABF50-D7BA-4838-B201-E24AE429E2ED_zpsjdijymzr.jpg
 photo BB52197F-1AF9-494B-9268-62EF671E143F_zpsin4fkzzs.jpg

The players stop and sign autographs which is really fun! My little cousins are prime for getting autographs; who can say no to a cute 5 year old??

 photo 7B57561A-10B7-4087-AE3B-EE4F709DAC98_zpsmql4ftb3.jpg

I borrowed gear from my family to really channel my inner Phillies fan! 😂

 photo E83EB30A-2145-4460-B259-E85202CF04B8_zpsrf5jcit8.jpg
 photo CC2BC477-EA4B-4FE1-8749-28653D0C8C9A_zpseca5aold.jpg

We loved being able to go to one of these games and I have to let you know: not 15 minutes after we left we were both passed out taking naps. It’s a hard life drinking in the sun 😉

Have any of you been to a spring training game? I hope you all are having a wonderful week!



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