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March Favorites 

Happy Thursday Friends! Man has it felt like forever! Last week I was enjoying time away on our cruise and I did not want it to end! But who ever wants vacation to end? I didn’t get back home till late Sunday (technically Monday early AM) and had to get right to work after what felt like a nap, not a night sleep.

I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of things this week so the blog was on the back burner for a bit! I’m so happy to be back today with my March favorites because man did I have a lot!

Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

 photo 0C677605-76E1-4E0D-AF03-AAB9052E2700_zpsuf8kxcyj.jpeg
Not only is the name amazing but this stuff is amazing. It smells amazing but and over time is firming. Obsessed! I’ve never gotten so many compliments on a scent before! It’s got a higher price tag for lotion but it is SO worth it! They also have a travel size which is what I tried out first!

-Cupshi Bikinis

 photo 336B5270-0EBC-43C5-B338-A5C95C98ABF1_zps2c9mqh6j.png

 photo FABD95FB-566C-47FA-B8A3-44480A2841E3_zpsbeg2eakh.png
Leaf Bikini • Pineapple Bikini 

I’ve been seeing these bikinis everywhere online and couldn’t help but grab some before the cruise! I got these on Amazon and was so surprised at not only the fit but the quality! I already want more and these made vacation so fun!

PopSocket photo 64295BA4-83DD-4A36-A06A-BD57E845351D_zps8tt6f2dn.jpgThese are awesome! Not a total necessity but you stick it to the back of your phone and they making holding your phone (and let’s be real, taking selfies) so easy and comfortable! It also collapses so your phone still fits in your pocket.

Backpack photo E6D05067-ED29-43ED-9099-F400B938E3FD_zpskroltmkl.jpgI usually always travel with a big bag/purse but this time wanted a backpack with tons of pockets. I also wanted it to be simple and cute. This did all that and more! It kept everything so organized with all my travel essentials on the planes and then converted nicely to my pool bag on the cruise!

Elf Flat Foundation Brush

Such a silly thing but I’m obsessed with putting my face masks on with this. It really just feels great and goes on evenly. It’s also $2. Go get you one!

Ballast Point Breweing Company

 photo 95D5B498-A3F2-4753-ADB9-B728FD5E1C47_zpsrk1ktgf2.jpg photo B4B12C9A-0A2A-451F-A97A-B9595D3605CC_zps30hoq5uo.jpg
 photo 47BF5DF3-C0BC-4269-88AE-2AE8DD85FA91_zps329fibqb.jpg
 photo 31EC14A5-4C6A-4539-AE95-B01D7A182E9D_zpshq8euixr.jpg
Most amazing brewery ever. Best beer. Best view. It was just darn right amazing! The whole building is beautiful with wall to walk windows and tons of white and wood accents.  Tons of parties were going on on their balconies which are filled with couches and tables. I need a birthday party there pronto!

-Vacation/ Cruise

 photo 4F2E1B09-0740-42A9-AD22-5FC207BEC33D_zpsglwwsv6w.jpg photo 9BDE92B7-08EB-4C3A-A234-20E1DFF88480_zpsnzglqjms.jpg photo 696CE46F-3F4B-416D-BFB7-CF8FFDA4D5F4_zpsf3jtrt5t.jpg photo D4F79A34-C55D-4E3F-87FF-2E3395D962E4_zps4mn0imwj.jpgDid you have any doubt this was a fav? More to come on this soon of course!

I hope you guys are all having a wonderful week!



8 thoughts on “March Favorites 

  1. Getting back into the swing of things after vaca is hard. I’m so glad you had a nice time!! Hold up…Bum cream?! I need this!! Love the idea of using a brush for face masks…honestly don’t know why I never thought of that. elf brushes are a steal too, will have to grab this one!! Happy almost weekend!!! XO


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