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What I Ate In A Day: Cruise Addition! 

Happy Friday Lovebugs! I could not be happier today is Friday! Nicks been out of town and today he comes back and I can’t wait for some relaxing time with him this weekend! This week has been absolutely crazy at work. Going from vacation to a busy work week has me needing this weekend bad!

Friday’s are usually the days where I talk about fitness but today we are going a totally different route and talking all about FOOD!

A cruise is unlike any other vacation or at least unlike any I have taken. Food everywhere, all the time, and free. Can’t beat it! Also, 24 hour pizza. I mean hello paradise!

Nicks sister and I were talking while on the cruise about how crazy a day of eating “cruise style” is and immediately she gave me this idea to document a day and post it here!

Side story: Nicks Dad had an idea for a game! We all weighed ourselves on the same scale before getting on the cruise and whoever gained the most weight won $100. Nicks sister said it best “I’m not going to eat to win but with the way I eat on here I have a good chance!” I sadly (or thankfully?) didn’t win.

Anyways, here we go!

Breakfast:  photo 168633E8-B311-47F5-9D32-30A3BAA412B1_zpsflbauswh.jpgMimosa time!
 photo D822C93D-9D0C-4B89-B1BC-8A1FD0F9E47A_zpsciuamgey.jpgTimes 4…
 photo D91779E6-BB5B-44C5-9803-CF2D8363A4FD_zpssl9fgfu3.jpgNormal lunch of chili cheese dog (shared) chicken nuggets and Chinese food! Also please see that is 3 egg rolls. We don’t only get one here! Totally normal…
 photo 88F65D5F-A726-4A45-9C62-F24C85D45300_zpswz0uwozz.jpgBeer bucket time! We took turns getting these beer buckets and sharing them in the group! We’re all about those deals! And beer…
 photo 2F56BDFE-FB80-4851-BB79-71D748225544_zpsqgoafumi.jpgRound 2!
 photo 0C7E1A46-F0F5-4EB9-A544-A0827C5C5DD2_zpsexph624s.jpgPre-dinner classy drink! Gotta have something to wash the budlight lime down with! In all honestly this is some of my favorite times. We all get dressed up and meet up at the main bar/lounge for a nice drink together! Cosmo for me please!
 photo 755CE9AE-607D-417E-AB77-3BB121123CD5_zpsfyg827jq.jpg
Dinner time! 3 Appitizers, 2 Entrees, and Dessert! Who can say no to steak tacos and prime rib??! Also that chocolate melting cake is everything.
 photo F77CA7E1-B120-4941-8287-0916AD28C792_zpscxu6ngkt.jpg
 photo 4F66345F-EE7B-405D-9907-A3A322195169_zpswxbrttr0.jpg
 photo 0CFEA5A7-E816-4DB3-8064-9ED7B7C64D3D_zpsnxvqxekd.jpgOh… you thought I was done?

4th meal!!!!!! Some 24 hour pizza & a blt from room service hit the spot! After walking off dinner of course! I sadly don’t have any pictures of the blt’s. I was obviously famished and had to eat so quickly so I forgot to get a pic 😉

 photo 0ADDFF15-8BB7-4DEB-A54F-404DF7296927_zps7vnh6lte.jpgWhen going through these photos I also realized I for sure missed some other cocktails in there (mai tai’s and drink of the days!) There were also many times people would get up from the cabana and we would randomly call after them “hey grab me a piece of pizza!” Even though we probably just ate. But hey pizza is always necessary! 

Cruise life is fabulous but we all were dreaming of salads by the end of it! Sometimes your poor stomach can only take so much! I however don’t regret a thing! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



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