3 Things That Make Traveling More Enjoyable 

Happy Monday! I had such a wonderful weekend and was not ready for it to end! I expect this week to be a busy one and I’m going to need all the coffee today to keep me going! 

When we went for our cruise two weeks ago we had to start the vacation with a flight out to Long Beach and that got me thinking: what makes a flight most comfortable for you?! Every trip I go on I feel like I learn a few more tips to make traveling that much easier because let’s face it, flying isn’t always the most fun.

I wanted to share a couple things I do to make the whole experience in general a little more comfortable and a little more fun! 

 photo 11CB97C8-91F8-443A-979B-361718C3AEEE_zpsoyvdxj7q.jpg

1.Enjoy a drink! We always stop for a drink before and it just relaxes me a bit for a flight. Especially if it’s going to be a long one! I also occasionally will have a drink on the plane! 
 photo 79ABEC81-0FD5-4B38-B330-37F25C93E030_zpstmsvc9vs.jpg
 photo 0AA3414E-59E1-4B1A-B3A8-B7B594087069_zpsemsxbelx.jpg

2. Videos to watch: I don’t know why we never did this before but we have a ton of digital downloads from movies we have bought so the night before our flights we downloaded four movies to our iPad and I was sitting pretty for our long flight! Even if I was doing something else ( like writing this post 😉) it’s fun to have on in the background.
Now most of you probably already know this (but I didn’t or at least never paid attention to it) but a ton of blue ray movies come with digital downloads! We had tons of options for things to download and it’s all free with the code in the movie box!
 photo 48A257B1-7FAD-4AED-969E-F1976676BD92_zpsxn3v562f.jpg
 photo 940DDA04-FD68-453D-B6F9-3D395C044BDB_zps8yxsgfnz.jpg

3. This is an after-the-flight must! Eye patches! I always feel slightly gross after a full day of flying and sometimes puffy so I like to relax a bit before bed with a face mask or eye patches. I think it also lets me feel a little more at home. 
 photo 5BCBBB4E-1B1F-48F5-B98D-8F3980AA3823_zpsg8g2exde.jpg
Nicks sister shared a hotel room with us and took this picture of me the next morning. Obviously I was very relaxed haha!

 photo 83FE5018-DB39-46A5-B3DE-51F7587D7CB6_zpstqi9liag.jpg

What are some of your flight must haves or go-to’s to feel more comfortable? I would love to have more for future trips!:)



5 thoughts on “3 Things That Make Traveling More Enjoyable 

  1. The longest flight i’ve ever done was a 5 hours one but luckily i am a really heavy sleeper so I put on earphones with music and fall asleep as soon as the flight start! Also, being an almost 2 meters guy is not always fun 😉


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