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Welly Merck Watch Obsession

Happy Wednesday Babes! Today I am so excited to share a watch I have been absolutely OBSESSED with lately! I actually mentioned it in my February favorites but really wanted to give myself time to see how I liked it.

The people over at Welly Merck were kind enough to send me over this beautiful watch and of course I picked this rose gold beauty! 😍 Make sure to stick around to the end because I have a fun code to offer as well!

 photo D203090B-BE63-4F08-807C-F7ECD635A633_zpsmk7udk60.jpg
 photo ECEF8786-3854-47BC-8708-611165071F33_zpsqx0loian.jpg

When my watch arrived it came with a cute little bag as if I’d purchased it at the actual store which I thought was so cute! I know some people will frame these and put a collage together in their closets or it would be cute if you were giving as a gift!

 photo 04BCFA8F-2770-45FC-B043-354596FDD864_zpsq91oeixn.jpg
 photo EA290959-85FB-4503-AE29-08B4173703E7_zpsrkjsk8qc.jpg

I also loved the box it came in itself. It seemed secure for shipping but also luxury. It showed off the watch beautifully and I couldn’t wait to wear it!

 photo 17498D92-9CC4-4DF3-A5B5-959E965BCD28_zpst49l64zo.jpg
 photo A7018AE3-9050-4642-8FAA-4FE2EA646C44_zpsrrpbjdvg.jpg

The thing about my watch I love the most is the shape. It has a large face but is very very thin. It makes it so comfortable to wear! The band is also so beautiful. I didn’t know how comfortable it would be because most of my other watch bands are leather but it’s wonderful! It adjusts to your wrist size which was something I was worried about since I wasn’t trying it on first. Also, I mean let’s get real, it’s freaking gorgeous!

 photo 78705CEB-3BF8-48E9-9BE4-31BF70D09D5E_zpss8mp2hqd.jpg

I really wanted to give it time to test it out and make sure I wasn’t showing you guys something that I didn’t believe would stand up wear and tear everyday. And it’s still as beautiful and sturdy as the day I got it!
I’ve been wearing it pretty much 24/7 with all outfits. I dress it up when I go out to dinner like on our latest cruise or I wear it with a tank top and shorts for errands on the weekend!

 photo 537268D7-133B-467C-A580-3F796F231839_zpsmw68xhqs.jpg
 photo 2E839077-3AED-422D-9BB7-59AE985CF8E5_zpsripgx2ci.jpg
 photo A57A3227-08BD-4DF1-9677-E1B6156D05A1_zpswebx1etu.jpg

Welly Merck was nice enough to offer a code to readers so if you love what you see you can use code Kaitlyn20 at checkout for 20% off! Who doesn’t love a good deal?!

I would love to hear what your favorite accessory is and make sure to go and check out Welly Merck! Hope you all have a wonderful day!



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