Top 5 Kettlebell Moves

Happy Friday!! After the cruise and last Friday’s post I was ready to get back into the workout grove! Kettlebell is one of my favorite workouts and I love incorporating it into my routines every week. 

These are those moves you hate but actually really love because they leave you feeling so good (and sore) the next day!
Running has been my thing lately so after a run I mix in some of these moves and feel great after!

Sumo Squat: These get those inner thighs burning! Make sure to let the bottom of the kettlebell hit the floor and you will be feeling it for days after! 
 photo EB1AFED7-6777-46CA-9F26-1DA5C96BB8F9_zpskz45w9kn.jpg

Dead lifts – This is 100% the best way to shape the back of your legs and raise that booty! Do a couple sets of these and you will be feeling it!
 photo 878A82F2-7FED-4623-AFA3-155F7DA53D45_zpssyy4zqaa.jpg

Kettle swing – This has always been one of my favorite workouts! This works your entire body in a short amount of time and gets that cardio in! I love upping the weight for this workout because when done right you can add weight and up the cardio just by using one tool!
 photo 3B167B87-77AE-4AE8-96C9-683503DC3E6E_zpsyhdn9wys.jpg

Hang Clean- This works the whole body and is such a good shoulder workout.
 photo D697CE20-2144-473F-AD19-F274C3DE003C_zpswizhpcjk.jpg

V-Sit Figure 8 – Talk about ab burn! This one is amazing and kills your abs the entire time! I will definitely be doing this one a lot!
 photo AB819420-F564-42B9-87FC-D03FF8599A0B_zpscol9za1l.jpg

For more moves you can also check out this Tone It Up YouTube kettlebell video that’s not only amazing but fast and effective!!

What workout moves do you love to hate?! I always need new ones to add to my routine! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



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