Life Lately: Bikinis and Cats! 

Happy Wednesday! Life lately has been a little crazy. It’s only Wednesday and I’ve been living on coffee!

We had some Disney fun on Saturday and then Sunday went grocery shopping and then… ADOPTED TWO KITTENS! We’ve been wanting to do this for what seems like forever and I’m so excited. We brought them home Monday night and I’m already obsessed!

The sweet girls are still adjusting, and sleeping hasn’t been normal but that’s okay!

On Monday I also started the Bikini Series that Tone It Up does and this is the first year I actually got the bundle and finally the nutrition plan! I’m 3 days in and the food is amazing and I’m feeling good!

These are some views from my weekend/week!
 photo 8222C3A5-BA04-4961-9453-10F1CEEC9727_zpsunf38ne7.jpg
 photo 2D4FC4DE-492A-450F-922E-8F9A5EB62630_zpsyvy2jppm.jpg
 photo 571772C0-BA3F-4FF1-85D4-03E5FC8FA3F5_zpsyvwu8g8v.jpg
 photo 8F9E6A46-0A5A-48D6-88E3-2BB51235FA16_zpsqjj6qyak.jpg
 photo D7FE000F-77FD-4D72-BB15-222648476907_zpsmakdbrup.jpg
 photo 74872BD3-AF8B-4335-B6E6-D5CF07F44F08_zpspbj9oqeo.jpg
 photo 1DBBDAB2-F0E9-41EE-9FCA-808372EF80E4_zpsidfohsoo.jpg
 photo EB2A6E70-5DDB-4F57-B025-8CFC4A8FEF2F_zpszdfng6xs.jpg
 photo 34848021-5CA3-490B-8C53-108EEC540487_zpsuqxggjkf.jpg

What have all of you been up to?? I hope you’re all having a great week!



2 thoughts on “Life Lately: Bikinis and Cats! 

  1. Good luck with your bikini series. I have been meal prepping trying to better my diet ( I am on day 3 as well and loving it!) I may have to steal some of the food ideas you posted and incorporate them into my meal plans.


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