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Fitness Friday: Tips To Staying On Track While Eating Out

Happy Friday Babes! I’m just going to be real honest: sometimes you just need a break! I love blogging so much but the last couple weeks it just hasn’t been in the cards. I’d be lying if I said I’ve been busy every second of every day, because that’s just not true! I’ve had some down time here and there but just wanted to do nothing.

A week and a half ago we got two sweet kittens and unfortunately they got really sick. We had to take them to the emergency vet and luckily it’s just a really bad cold for cats but what makes it hard is it makes them not be able to smell; which makes them not want to eat. It was a lot of time sitting with them in the bathroom with the shower running like a humidifier and trying different ways to get them to eat. Luckily they are finally starting to feel so much better!

At the same time we got the cats I also started the “Tone It Up 8 Week Bikini Series” which has been AMAZING, but also was a big change. Lots of meal prep, workouts and thought going into this whole challenge!

Now today is Cinco De Mayo and I could not be more excited to go out! I wanted to share with you some tips on eating out when you are trying to watch what you eat.

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I am 100% all about moderation and living a little, but I also know that sometimes you have goals and you just don’t need that plate of nachos right now. It can be stressful to go out when you are wanting to stay on track but that shouldn’t stop you! That’s what I love so much about Tone It Up because they give you tips on what to get when out at places to eat.

Tonight we are going to a place that has a whole nacho bar but I won’t be partaking. I will however, be getting super great food that I will feel good about! Oh, and obviously some delicious drinks!

Here are some things that help me stay on track!

1. Walk it out! Back in California Nick and I lived so closed to a cute downtown area and would always walk to dinner there. We would even just walk down for a beer! It’s an easy way to burn extra calories and have some nice time with someone. Nick and I would talk about our day or anything really and it always was something we looked forward to!

2. Make it a non-issue! Sometimes when I would go out to dinner with people I would tell them I couldn’t eat something because I was watching what I ate. Some don’t care, others say “come on it’s fine!” And even though they are being nice, it makes it hard and awkward to refuse and what I was worried about was some might feel awkward like they shouldn’t be eating whatever it was. I read recently from Tone It Up about just simply saying you aren’t in the mood for something. Or “oh I’m just really craving this right now”. Something that makes the whole thing a non-issue. Then it doesn’t have to become a topic of conversation. So simple but something you don’t always think to do!

3. Priorities! Mine are always drink related. I like to have a drink with dinner so I would rather give up the cheese on my meal. Or, maybe the tortilla or bread because that’s not something I need later at night and would rather enjoy something I really want!

4. Your meal doesn’t have to be boring. You don’t have to get plain grilled chicken for dinner or salad if you don’t want just because you are watching what your eating. For example: tonight I’ll be having chicken fajitas! Gotta love all that yummy grilled chicken and veggies! And of course the guac, pico and some beans! I can pass on the tortillas, sour cream and cheese!

These are just a couple things that are helping me stay on track to meet my goals while also going out when I want and not feeling like I have to be a hermit.

What are some things you might do to stay on track when eating out? Hope you all have a great weekend!!



One thought on “Fitness Friday: Tips To Staying On Track While Eating Out

  1. You and I are sisters to a tee! All the way to having a drink (or 2) with dinner! I have also been uninspired by blogging recently. We need to push each other! And I’ve been dieting too- what is Tone It Up???? But going out to eat can be a big challenge for sure. Thanks for the pep talk.

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