Get To Know Me/Updates

Happy Monday! Today is my first day back blogging in a little over a month which felt like forever! I’ve had drafts almost done but couldn’t ever get them complete to post. At some point I just gave into that feeling and knew it just wasn’t the right time to blog.

Before I took a break from blogging, and while I’ve been gone I have been getting some new friends following along and thought a “get to know me/whats been going on lately” post was in order! I’m hoping to get back into the rhythm because I really do love blogging and the community that brings but we’ll have to see!

Lets get to it!

I’ll start with the basics, I’m 25 years old and live in Orlando, Florida with my boyfriend Nick. We are both from Northern California and about 9 months ago moved here because we just felt it was right! So far we’ve been loving exploring this beautiful state and all the adventures it’s brought us.

 photo 59D5F244-8891-4185-BB7E-7EF528D281CE_zpsystnvmut.jpg
 photo 2285512E-31DC-4F96-8BF0-C8B8F04D731B_zpsjl11rfsk.jpg

I’m a newly obsessed cat mom to two cute kittens Schala and Frankie. They are crazy, adorable, and I’m absolutely obsessed!

 photo 79EBB061-EEAD-47DB-A112-15DB09110D8D_zpsukrrhxx1.jpg
 photo 99123EDB-1C96-4502-945D-658C153D1097_zpsoesd9a5c.jpg

Nick and I are going to be moving again next month because our lease at this apartment will be up. We don’t love the area we are in and found a place we think we’re going to love. The area is absolutely perfect and its such a cute modern apartment. I can’t wait to get in and decorate!

This week we are getting our first official guests! Two of our friends will get here later this week and I am SO excited! They are flying in for a long weekend and for one of them, its a first time to Disney; we will be doing all things Disney and I just can’t wait! Current inspo:

 photo 60A4B1F5-B24E-461F-8E58-A3C6861C1BAF_zpsjti2qhvc.jpg
 photo 1F99F922-1308-438C-97C7-2ED9A112E339_zpsznr78068.jpg
 photo 43A514F1-5AA7-47F5-92E3-F20E01940CD6_zps9bexwomc.jpg

 I’ve been focusing most of my time on my fitness and my overall lifestyle. For a quick recap: a couple years ago Nick and I both lost 30 pounds. I was so proud of myself but after moving here realized I wasn’t living a realistic lifestyle. While my boyfriend understood balance, I was the opposite and SO strict on myself. If I ate one thing I thought I shouldn’t, I was so bummed out at myself and missing a workout just wasn’t an option.

For me, that wasn’t something I could maintain and eventually gained back most of that weight. Seven weeks ago I joined the Tone It Up nutrition plan and have lost 10 pounds so far, but thats actually not what I’m focusing on; this time it’s been about making a lifestyle change. Getting myself to a place of balance and making it something I loved. I’ve had pizza and Taco Bell in the last seven weeks and it wasn’t the end of the world. I just got right back to eating what made me feel good and getting my workouts in and I didn’t freak out on myself.

 photo 42209EA0-B686-4B08-94BB-539EE9DCEAD2_zps531mb7vm.jpg
Nick has commented how happy I seem and I really truly feel that way! One of my best friends is on the same kind of fitness journey as me, which makes it even better! Later this week I’m going to be expanding a little more into this subject because I’m sure there are tons of girls just like me out there struggling to obtain balance.

 photo D0F51584-0E3A-444E-A882-32997A4DDC30_zpsm1ikapiw.jpg
Other than that, I’ve been deciding what I want to do with this space: my blog space. Trying to figure out if I want to go a different direction, or what I want to focus on. After all that I decided to just keeping moving forward and talking about what I love and I think I’ll figure it out that way. I have a ton of great content I can’t wait to share.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful week!


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