Fitness Friday: Encouraging Each Other

Happy Friday!! If you saw my post Monday: I mentioned the fitness journey I’ve been on the last two months. Its been something I’ve been focusing most of my time on lately and have really been loving it.

I joined the Tone It Up nutrition plan and that was something that really made a difference to me. Pretty much having someone tell me what to eat and when to workout was big to getting me on track. What I loved most is how flexible it is. You have so many meals that you can choose from, which works great for Nick and I.

I, of course, took pictures and weighed myself at the beginning of the Bikini Series (an eight week challenge that includes the nutrition plan for Tone It Up) and have so far lost 10 pounds. I of course love that fact and feel very accomplished but for me this time I’ve been trying to make it more a lifestyle and not so much focusing on the weight I want to lose.

Even though technically its an 8 to 9 week “challenge” I haven’t looked at it that way. I’m finally not saying “oh i can’t wait till this is over so i can eat ___”. It’s just a lifestyle change that I will keep going.

 photo 1BCEA5C5-C49F-4EEF-A05D-B275F2605DB7_zpsxg3ydivw.jpg

I have always believed you should do what makes you feel best. I don’t think there is any certain size someone should be and I love that all body shapes are different; it’s beautiful. For example, I have always compared myself to others until I realized that’s just so silly. My best friend and I have completely different body types so why should I torture myself and compare. I’m much more naturally curvy with big thighs than most of my friends but why should that make me feel less than. This is something I still work on but feel happy to at least have a positive view on it and will keep reminding myself of that.

I want to love and accept myself for who I am and make myself feel as good and healthy as I can. One of my best friends, Allison from How To Get Things Done In 10 Ways, has also been going through a similar fitness process as me and I couldn’t love it more. Something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately is empowering each other. It’s so easy to feel jealous of someone else’s success. I mean, hello, I am totally guilty of this. Even if you are happy for them sometimes it’s natural to feel a tinge of “why not me” and I’m trying to cut that out of my life. Whether it be fitness, relationships, careers, or just life in general I think it’s important to truly build up the ones around us.

 photo 3E5BF26B-A68D-42EF-9450-E0449519E451_zpscxnid2fa.jpg

If we won’t, who will? Sometimes we can be pretty hard on ourselves and building  a strong community to build you up is important. Short example, this past week I posted a progress photo of myself so far and was so nervous to put it up. Its such a vulnerable thing to post a photo of yourself when you aren’t feeling your best. I talked to Allison about this and got nothing but positivity and love back. Supportive words that made me feel so confident. Confidence should be found in yourself but you should also push that off onto others.

 photo 61B88804-63B2-473D-86DE-9FC22AF4E90A_zpsgifwztq3.jpg
She’s on her own journey and totally killing it and through her confidence-growing is able to help support me. It would have been really easy for either of us to be jealous of the other with any progress made, but instead we decided to help each other. I can’t tell you the number of sweaty selfies we sent to each other with a thumbs up to encourage each other.
 photo 0A980604-6714-4A47-BD65-741F3AA46900_zpszmpzdhm9.jpg

It’s easy to forget that someone else succeeding doesn’t take away from you succeeding as well. The Tone It Up community is also a huge part of this. I made a Tone It Up account on Instagram and the positivity of all the women is amazing.

I’ve always loved posting about fitness and can’t wait to keep sharing. Next week I’ll be sharing some awesome workouts that I’ve been loving! I hope you all have a great weekend!



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