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Disney Hidden Gems: Nomad Lounge

Happy Monday Babes! Today I wanted to talk about something I really love and that’s Disney! I’m sure you could already tell from previous Disney posts or my instagrams: since the time I was little Disney has been something I’ve loved. 

I’ve gone with my family many times as a kid and growing up, and then with friends as I got older, and now Nick and I have made it our thing. We enjoy the parks and the movies and it’s something we love even more now that we live in Orlando. When we got here one of the first things we did was we got season passes and they are the best! They have no blackout days and make it so we can go whenever we want even if only for an hour or two (which we’ve totally done!).

One thing Nick and I have enjoyed though is finding things that aren’t so “Disney” in Disney. What I mean is sometimes it’s nice to find something a little off the beaten path and maybe not so touristy.  The first one I wanted to talk about is a new favorite Nomad Louge. 

 photo 821CA558-C779-412E-ABE9-5E65DDEFD8D7_zpsvsxnjq0t.jpg

This place is gorgeous. The Nomad Lounge is all about travel and sharing stories of adventure. Every piece of this place is beautiful and filled with amazing decor from different places. It’s in the Animal Kingdom park and is such a relaxing place to enjoy some drinks and appetizers. It’s hidden away in plain sight right at the entrance of the newly opened Pandora. Originally it was a spot that was so out of the way of the rest of the park that it was only by word of mouth that we found it.  There is a nice little water view right on the patio and you have the option of eating inside or on the patio and I 100% suggest the patio. I could sit there for hours!

Not only is it beautiful but its not overly crowded and doesn’t give you the touristy vibe that some of Disney can. I think back to trips I took when I was just visiting and you don’t always have time to search out the lesser known spots. We always ended up just going to what was in our path. 

This place is definitely geared more toward adults and is a relaxing, quieter place to hang out, but I did see some kids with their families as well. With so many other places that have more things for kids I’m sure this isn’t the most fun for them. 

 photo 80B6E40F-7B68-4DB4-938F-539C7CA91228_zpsflnmrcsz.jpg
 photo 702224CB-BC2D-4596-822A-250798776D55_zpswd4drkxx.jpg
 photo 9A2B0DFB-DB8A-4E6C-92FC-959A17393BD5_zpsxegfurfw.jpg

The menu is called your Travelogue and is one of the best menus I’ve ever seen; notes and pictures from travelers and stories behind the drinks and food. The servers are so nice and I’ll be honest: I had one of the best Old Fashions I’ve ever had in my life! And it wasn’t obscenely priced. I mean, come on it is Disney so everything is going to be a bit more but it was very reasonable. 

We also tried the wings and sliders. I will say the sliders were a bit small for the price but the wings were perfect. So delicious and a great portion for two or more to share if you are getting more apps as well. We had a show to get to so we didn’t stay longer but we definitely want to go back.

 photo FB22FBC2-EED7-47CD-846A-DC3E89482883_zpssikpbxdh.jpg
 photo 56ACE5EC-74FE-4858-B67F-FEFA21CFC361_zpsxchzhkjh.jpg
 photo 6AAAE5B4-90C9-4585-BF32-14734C6DCDA6_zpsqdzitlqn.jpg
 photo B2938CA6-67FC-4B62-B47A-D07E00618015_zpss6zahd8p.jpg
 photo B64C8216-EB24-4151-8320-686874D13634_zps62goxpzx.jpg

Next week I have one of our most favorite places to share. Another spot that’s nestled away in Disney world but is so worth the time to get out to it! Stay tuned!

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