Music Tag!

Today I thought I would do something a little different and participate in a tag I saw Allison post over on How to Get Things Done in 10 Ways. This was such a fun tag! I was cracking up listening to a lot of these throw backs. I haven’t purchased music in a long time so listening to this random assortment was too good. I also remember a lot of words to these songs so I now know where my brain power is going too…  

Here are the “rules”:

-List the first 10 songs that come on shuffle (no skipping, that’s cheating).

-Write your favorite lyric from each song.

-Tag/link back to your enemies (and maybe some friends, too)


1. “La, La, La”- Aubrun: “You’ve got to give me my space. So quick to callin my name. Boy you better realize my love is one of a kind.” Pretty sure this was purchased in my single years 😉 

2. “When Did Your Heart Go Missing?”- Rooney: “I have you and you have me. We’re one in million why can’t you see?” Also, “I treat you like a princess but your life is just one big mess” This songs just too good. Makes me happy and wanna jump around like a spaz when it plays. 

3. “Shore Thing”- Luke Bryan: “We may never sleep, we may never leave, raise too much hell, never make bail but in the morning it will be alright.” Luke if you says it’s gonna be okay I trust you;) 

4. “When I Grow Up”- The Pussycat Dolls: “When I grow up I wanna see the world, drive nice cars, I wanna have groupies!” Just too funny!

5. “Sexy Chick “- David Guetta: “Oh she’s a diva, I feel the same and I wanna meet her” I realize this song literally just repeats everything but still makes you wanna shake it! 

6. “Iris”- U2: I don’t even know how this got in my music… 

7. “Spring Break Anthem”- The Lonely Island:  “Oh shit I’m too fucked up! Two can rally! Thats what’s up! Booze cruise! Raise your glass!” Seriously this song is hilarious. These guys are ridiculous. 

8. “Blame It On The Rain”- He Is We: “My pain is knowing I can’t have you” What a breakup song! Listen to this and cry your heart out! 

9. “Love Me or Hate Me”- Lady Sovereign: “I don’t have the biggest breateses but I write all the best dis’s.

10. “You Are Not Alone”- Michael Jackson: “You are not alone when I am here with you, though your far away I’m here to stay” So sweet 🙂

I hope you guys liked this! It was such a fun tag! I want to tag anyone that wants to do this:) I would love to see everyone’s posts!! Let me know if you guys have heard these songs and which ones you love or think are hillarious! 


18 thoughts on “Music Tag!

    1. Seriously! I’m glad you liked them! I was a little worried when I started because I’ve been collecting songs on there since middle school and at one time my sister shared my iTunes as well. I was a little nervous what would come up! Hah

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  1. The lonely island is my fav! I keep on listening to “I just had sex” all the time so funny!
    I did the tag as well thanks for inspiring me to do it!

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    1. Aren’t they just too good?? That’s another one of my favorite songs of there’s!! That’s awesome! So glad you like it! I will definitely go check that out!:)


  2. I LOVE music posts because I always have the opportunity to know and listen different/new music and artists. My favorite on this list is TPD when I grow up, this song says a lot about me. Lol
    Why don’t you create a playlist on spotify and post in here? It’s easier for you and for your readers to play all the songs 😉 just a tip.


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