Hurricane Prep

After this past weekend’s hurricane it’s easy to say I know much more about them than I did before! Basically what I’ve learned is: always be prepared. That means being prepared in different ways. If the hurricane is hitting where you are (in this instance, the coast) and they tell you to evacuate, evacuate. Or if you are in a non-stable structure (mobile-home) and they tell you to evacuate; also do so.

In our case there were no evacuations, just a curfew. They wanted people off the roads by a certain time to be safe and I was fine with that! If you were in a situation like me, and in an area that was safe, then prepare to be stuck at home and lose power.

With the help of my new friends and co-workers here (and a little Pinterest) I was able to feel pretty prepared for our first hurricane!


2.Flashlight & Batteries/ Battery powered radio

3.Buy all grocery store essentials : Snacks, non perishable food, ice or large frozen water bottles, games, alcohol. You know, the necessities! This one cracked me up most because EVERYONE was talking about hurricane parties! I can say I am officially a fan! Time off work and a cozy of couple days indoors with some drinks and games!

4. Fill tub with water. If you lose water this can help for flushing or you can use it for drinking if necessary.

5.If the power does go out, you can always use the washing machine as a cooler! I thought this was brilliant! You fill it and then when things melt you don’t have to worry about it!

6.Charge everything: phones, laptops, cameras, iPads; I mean EVERYTHING!

7.Fill your car with gas! If the power goes out, the pumps won’t work!

Even though we were very lucky and got to make light of our situation I know many were horribly affected by this hurricane and my thoughts go out to them. If you ever find yourself in a situation like this I hope these help :). I sure didn’t know/think about some of these and I’m so happy I know about them now!



42 thoughts on “Hurricane Prep

  1. I never thought about using free washer as a cooler. That’s pretty smart! It’s funny that I saw that you said you had a curfew and no evacuations. I was the same way and our curfew was literally just removed the other day, I think Wednesday. Really loved this list!

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  2. I’ve lived on the east coast (Maryland)most of my life and I have never heard of the washer as a cooler. I even lived in Florida for a few years so I can’t believe this is the first time I’m hearing this. Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thank you!! Even though we didn’t need it, we were so happy we filled the tub! Just for peace of mind! Definitely important! And thanks!! I think the washer tip is my favorite!!:)


  3. So the Florida Welcome Wagon comes with a hurricane. Good to know. I was keeping an eye on you and a few other friends who were down there. One made a special hurricane trip to be with her 96 year old mother.
    I love your emergency rations. There is survival without Cheez Its, Kraft mac & cheese, and peanut butter. And the antacid tablets were truly the epitome of planning ahead! I’m glad you made it through unscathed. And don’t forget to build your stockpile of food for the next one!

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